Thursday, 30 July 2015

Närcon 2015 cosplay, part 1.

Yeah Sweden that's a REALLY unfortunate false friend right there...  in Icelandic mellan = the whore. Our team was childish enough to find it funny every single time we saw it.
As usual I took a gazillion photos so I'm going to have to chop the dump into a few separate entries. On the first one are cosplays I actually recognized, on the second cosplays that I didn't but that were amazeballs anyway, on the third my specific cosplay weaknesses Dragon Age and Assassin's Creed and on the fourth street fashion. Onward!

(All pics can be clicked larger. If you see a photo of your cosplay feel free to use it as you like, just give me credit and a link to my blog.)

When I saw this Ranma1/2 group I knew the con would be good. The second photo actually happened before the first, Ryoga almost got lost on his way to posing for the camera and Akane had to tow him back in.

My this year's GoT collection turned out sadly small. I saw plenty more great GoT cosplays but the timing was always bad - ether I was on my way to competition activities or couldn't run after them fast enough (all my this year's cosplays had awful shoes).

Star Wars was also small this year, but hey, I found a female slave Leia! People keep saying slave Leia is a popular cosplay but idk, in the Nordic conventions I rarely see slave Leias - female ones especially.

Hi there Jack Frost!

Yayyyy found an Over the Garden Wall group!

Anything Ghibli is also good. Spirited Away -group.




Moomin cosplays yeaah! More specifically two Snufkins, a Muddler and a Joxter. Muddler is my spirit animal so extra points for cosplaying my favourite Moomin character. :3

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love - I was really hoping some group would do this and almost did a little jig when I saw these five. XD

A Zant and a Zelda.

Oh Gods. :D Five Nights at Freddy's is scary enough but actually seeing the charas walking around was borderline creeptastic.


Green Arrow.



Magic Knight Rayearth group, this makes me nostalgic.





Ahem, ok less screaming, more photos. A great Scooby-Doo group!

Gravity Falls!

Obviously I would also chase down every Doctor Who I found.

Um, you ok Disney ladies...?

No comment.

Some pretty sweet Vocaloids were also found.

Two very different Alices, a Mad Hatter and... a Kiki.

Yayyy Hobgoblin! There was also a Spiderman so the following hijinks ensued:

? :D ?

Gems from Steven Universe, there was also a Rose but I missed her due to having to run for competition stuff. ;^;

I couldn't pick the better one of these two photos so I went for the "both, both is good" -route.


Less SnK than last year but I still found some really nice ones.

Talk about nostalgia - Maya Fey!

A+++ Slenderman.


A great Hetalia group!

More nostalgia at the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and another one of my big convention weaknesses - Yoko cosplay. Bad shoes, no shoes, I would still run after a Yoko. One day I'll cosplay her. One day.

Disney villains is good too.

Some Fallout and an Iron Man...

...and these two. I don't know how I feel about this but it's oddly fitting. XD

Ending this post with a couple of perfection from Sweeney Todd.

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