Thursday, 30 July 2015

Närcon cosplay, part 3.

Then for some serious weaknesses of mine plus two of the other competitors that I managed to photograph, both won!

But yes, let's start with my convention collections with Assassin's Creeds.

Same Connor as above, just a bit disappointed over the rain. Or just Connor being Connor, who knows. :D
Welp that was quite a good haul - next one's just two people cosplaying but Mononoke is one of my eternal favourites so here goes!

Nothing will stop me from detail shooting when Mononoke cosplay is around. Next up: Dragon Age!

A fun story about my fellow Flemeth here: we chatted for a bit and compared armour decisions, and the rest of the team Iceland was tugging at my sleeve because we were in a hurry and I was dragging everyone behind by - well - fangirling Flemeth with another Flemeth cosplayer. In the confusion I put my camera on the windowsill and forgot it there.

A bit alter on I noticed it was missing but had no idea where it could be. We checked the sleeping hall, no sign of it. Then we walked all the way to the Info Point on the other side of the con and while I was queuing there Iceland's committee member called me to let me know that my camera was in the green room where it had been brought by... Flemeth. I even managed to find her on my way there so I could thank her but once again, thank you so, so much if you see this (besides your cosplay was awesome and you have a GREAT taste in both games and characters ahem-ahem)! :D

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