Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Generic outfit post.

Outfit of the last weekend's lolita party. By lolita I mean everyone who knew wtf it is were told to wear their best, and well, there are very few lolitas in Iceland so having a grand three in the same room felt quite amazing! Apologies for the graininess of the photos: I'm trying to sort out the problem asap.

All ready to roll and my hair looking wildly better, here's a rundown of the outfit:

Dress: R-Series Victorian Rose Color
Shirt: vintage find that cost me a smacking 0,50€!
Socks: IDK something from Hagkaup
Shoes: Dinsko + self-made decorations
Hairpiece: Accessorize

Coat: Ringspun: for those who'd like to know, it's bought from Þrír Smárar downtown Reykjavík. I recommend the place for awesome & affordable random lolita finds! It's on Laugarvegur, right next to cafe Tíu Dropar.
Hat + gloves: IDK
Scarf: amma Olga :D

Let's finish this entry with my opinion on Crocs (they were showing in the photos, I'm just trying to move them aside, honest)!

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