Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wishing for spring...

...and by that I mean a spring that would last longer than three hours. These are a new pair of shoes that have been burning a hole in my soul just because I cannot wear them in ankle-deep slush. They're bought from one of my favourite places on earth, Kolaportið, a second-hand marketplace that Wikipedia calls "the only flea market in Iceland". While this is not exactly true, it is likely the biggest, and every time I go there I spend a bit more than I originally intended to.

As for the weather, it can be accurately described any day as: "Oh sweet Bob now what?" The locals say it acts like an old man who cannot make up his mind about anything, and they wold be right. One day may start with a horrible storm, two hours later the weather is at its absolute nicest and warm like late spring, then suddenly snow, loads of it, a hurricane that you can walk out of in five minutes if you walk the right way, more sunshine and now we're at about lunchtime aren't we...? Btw it's indeed not only possible but also easy to walk out of any kind of weather here, as it rarely stays the same on the next street over.

It also means my shoes will never be safe. ;^;

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