Friday, 8 April 2011

11. Dress to impress who?

The funny answer is always either "I only dress up for myself!" or "or course I do it for the men just like everyone who says they only dress up for themselves!" but seriously thinking, why would I need to impress at all? I'm not in a contest of any sort, I'm not seeking to woo some fancysome person (a certain puffin is an exception) with a dress and I certainly don't think my clothes would help my career or stuff.

Maybe the question is just put sort of funny, let's see. If it were instead "whose appreciation do you most seek when you post your mug online" it would be easier to answer, and then it would simply be "other lolitas'". Number one, if someone has absolutely zero clue about the fashion they're just going to think I'm a freak, the end. The only people who care enough are the ones who are already interested.

Secondly I tend to care more about your opinion if you're dressing up in the style as well because then you would have insight in what it is to piece together a lolita outfit. Hence lolitas. No doubt there are more people who are interested in the fashion and I don't mean to put them down, but it does feel good to have the positive attention of fellow lolitas. Especially seamstresses because I'm still slightly uncertain of my own designs and work, and opinions and feedback from the people of the same line of work are gold.

Of course I also want the attention of my friends. Lookie here I made a new dress! Lookie I gots a new thingy-bob! Oh hi I just went and bought myself this piece of pure awesomeness! It's not a very noble trait but feels good, man.

Perhaps, though, the most important person I want to make happy with my lolying is myself. I look up to many people and strive to reach their level, and every time I manage something I myself can be happy with it is a frabjous day, callooh callay, and it doesn't happen often. Usually I put together something, think it's quite fine and then look at the photos afterwards thinking I look like I slapped a jellyfish on my hair. There are rare occasions when I myself like my own outfits afterwards and those times I strive for with every new combination and sewing project. So yeah, I dress to impress myself (and possibly one man).


  1. All these outfits in this post are amazing! You really should be proud of your outfits and designs.

  2. Thank youu~
    Heh, to be honest only the latter two are self-made, the first dress is bought from egl_comm_sales and the long off-white aristo dress is from Rokk og Rosir.

  3. very romantic lanscapes - if you know what I mean

  4. Iceland does them so well!