Saturday, 9 April 2011

More cups of tea.

Interrupting the meme once again because varietas delectat. 
After a visit to Kolaportið on last Saturday my collection of cups grew! I make a point of not collecting the same cup, but if I find it in another colour I do a little victory dance. So here are my latest finds, pretty as whoah.

You may remember from my first cup post that I already have this one in beige. Now I also have it in lilac om nom nom.

It has a very pretty border too. Same stamp, naturally, letters TOA inside a diamond shape.

This... is something so awesome I don't have words for it. Behold our living room! :D

The plate is lovely as well. Stamp includes a sign with a crown on top with the text GLORIA FINE PORCELAIN Früher(?) Karlsbad(?) Edet(?) Glam & gold. Most of the text is very difficult to read because the stamp isn't very clear to begin with. It's not even worn in the least, it's just very, very difficult to decipher.

But here's what really "makes" this cup, the decorations inside.

And finally, this. Det lange Skovhus, which possibly means "The long Foresthouse". Internet tells me this upon a google. Stamp in the bottom says Rødstjert.

This is a Rødstjert. Note the iridescent white. 

The cup is one of the most charming ones I've ever seen!

This pattern goes around the rim. And get this. Are you sitting down? Is the chair sturdy enough? Is it? Good. Go look at the first photo again and compare the sizes. I did that as I was looking at the cups at Kolaportið and the saleslady explained me this cup was meant for a child.
A child. Hear that? Have you, dear readers, ever met a child you'd let handle this cup? Me neither. And let me tell you this, no child will ever, never ever ever as long as I have any say in it, touch it again!