Saturday, 2 April 2011

Elle Panique.

April 1st is over and many of you probably saw my little, silly joke here, but rest assured I won't try to subject you to my (lack of) sense of humour again any time soon! :D I also assure you I have nothing against AP, wigs or lower income lolitas (coincidentally I'm one of them myself). As for the meme, I'll be continuing that shortly, no worries.
But let me ask you this: why is it that my blog that usually gets about 30 views per day got 105 views yesterday and that the amount of Swedes skyrocketed all of a sudden? It wasn't even cool enough a joke to link you guys... :DDD

To bring you some entertainment for this morning I'm sharing one of my favourite Olivia Ruiz songs. I love her videos as well - check Belle à en crever and La Femme Chocolat too if she piqued your interest. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Minäkin olen olivia ruiz fani! :D

  2. Olivia Ruiz on legendaarinen. Törmäsin siihen ekaa kertaa kun kuulin Dionysoksen Tais Toi Mon Coeurin ja olin ihan myyty!

  3. Heh, itseasiassa minä myös. :D