Sunday, 3 April 2011

A photoshoot on a lava field.

Still interrupting the meme but it's for a good cause: here's the first half of the photoshoot I mentioned in a post last week. The day was a bit rainy but at the sea shore it was merely foggy with light wind. It looked suitably eerie against the vast fields of lava so we decided to do the first half of the shoot there.

None of the surroundings were in any way affected by anyone else than nature and perhaps the inhabitants of the stones themselves. Just thought to mention this because it looks quite a lot like there's a walkway up the hill with stairs and such. 

Many thanks to Snu for taking the photos! Please excuse my headgear for looking a little bit like a saucer jellyfish. Maybe next time I'll try wearing it without the veil (although I do love all sorts of random stuff in my hair)...

We had some onlookers too but they didn't want to pose for photos, so we took some sneaky pics of them instead.


  1. So beautiful and inspiring! If i could i would dress exactly like this every day. The scenery is pretty, your putfit is pretty... argh i wanna visit Iceland now.

  2. Be very welcome, this country wants your money! :D But yes, one of the best places for photoshoots, Iceland.