Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Our narcissus is in full bloom now!

Just a little something for your amusement: a surprising window display done in Icelandic style. Yes, it happens to be Rokk og Rósir, The Place on Laugarvegur for shopping vintage clothes. See that little Easter-green house there? Look to the right, at the bottom of the mannequins, what does that look like?

Why yes. They indeed put rabbits in their window.

It looks a bit alarming, but it seemed that the rabbits weren't bothered by it. A note nearby explained where they were from and it sounded to me that they're used to lots of attention by strangers.

We were still hoping they would be taken somewhere a bit more peaceful for the night before the street would be filled with drunkards...

This one hopped to the window to have a better look at us, I assume.



  1. Well, these rabbits don´t have same evil flare in their eyes as Plörö has.

  2. I'm sure they tested these rabbits for possible carnivorism and they were found clean. It would be bad for the business if window decorations chewed their way through the glass to get at passers-by.