Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Golden Circle: the south road, Björk gets a mention.

One of the best things about having friends over - besides actually having them over I mean - is that you get to show them around and yourself get a chance of seeing stuff as well. Last Sunday we decided to do the Golden Circle tour and despite having been to the main attractions before it still was an awesome trip!

The weather was at its ultimate best all day. I guess E and S brought the sun with them from back home.

Near Hveragerði, looking over the valley and all the way into Selfoss in the distance.

I love the colours here. This is the road down the mountain, Hveragerði lies underneath it.

This was a strange little hill next to Ingólfsfjall. Apparently there's a story related to it but so far I've only found legends of Ingólfur's buried treasure on the mountain.

Wheeeeee my camera's zoom is awesome!

And awesomer!

This place was giving me mild heebie-jeebies all the time, it was like I was being watched the whole time I was there.

The clouds are a shark, and anyway it was such a beautiful day I really wanted to climb that hill but alas, we had no time for that.

Aaaand onwards we went. The next stop was at Kerið, a caldera lake where Björk once held a concert on a floating raft.

E at Kerið.

I must admit Björk really knows a beautiful location when she sees one.

Naturally we wanted to climb down to see the lake. We were so fast in fact that we left our better halfs behind (this is them still on the top of the crater), but I'd like to stress we weren't fast enough to get seriously hurt or anything.

The caldera wall. If you squint you'll be able to see a Snu decide he does not in fact feel like climbing.

Then to my favourites - you guys know I love making these panoramic views out of several photos, right? Here's the lake from above...

...and here it is as seen by the bottom of the crater.

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