Monday, 18 July 2011

Reykjavík lolita meet-up.

And so there was a lolita meet-up in Reykjavík! Altogether five people showed up, which is not bad when eight had signed up, but alas two came in a bit later on and I didn't get photos of them. In any case, here's K, M and I putting our best feet forward!

We met at Fru Berglaug, which is a lovely little cafe on Laugavegur. I have posted about it before in this blog, and about K as well - she was the other of the models in this photoshoot.

Strangely we happened to see a random fight almost right below us. Well, not exactly see; we only saw the aftermath of two groups of guys shouting at each other. Apparently someone had randomly hit this other guy in the face, the people in the next table to us saw it happen and gathered at the windows behind us, that's how we were alarmed to what was going on as well. Eventually the two groups went their different ways but whoah did not expect.

Parasols: serious business.

K & M strike a pose! Fru Berglaug is such a beautiful place any random corner makes a brilliant backdrop! Besides the second floor is quiet, with most people deciding to rather sit downstairs, which is awesome when you don't really want to bother people by your photographing.

Bust shot! Those two are damn photogenic and make me slightly jello.

Parasols: sometimes needed even indoors. 

Yours truly with her hair all messed up, putting on her usual pose and smiling like she knew her teeth were crooked or something.

Well they are, don't hate. DX

Annnnnd lastly the outfit rundown and a secret of perfect hair. Secret first: to make everyone think your hair is always perfect, simply have your photo taken immediately after you've got yourself ready. Outfit:

Shirt: R-series
Skirt: selfmade
Headdress: selfmade
Shoes: Dinsko, tuned
The rest: random randomness


  1. Your friends are photogenic indeed! Gosh you all look pretty and I am so happy you've found lolita friends from there! :3

  2. Good times! And I love love this last photo of you with that pretty bush in the background. :D

  3. Cinna: no one's happier than me. AND those friends are damn good at what they do, too!

    Karen: credits go to Snu's mum for the garden. Good times indeed, let's do this again soon. :D

  4. Beautiful! If i ever get the chance to go to Iceland i want to attend one of these nice looking meet-ups.

  5. If you ever did visit us just let me know and there will be a meet-up! :D