Sunday, 14 August 2011

3: Five things I hate about lolita.

1. The constant silly dramu. The topic changes, dramu is the same. OMG black/hispanic/Chinese/anyone but the Japanese people are ugly in lolita! Glasses don't go well with lolita! That dress is so ita - no it's old skool - no classic lolitas are too plain and uggley - no you're too OTT sweet ew I cannot even look at you! It goes on.

The stupidest thing about it is that sometimes people who are otherwise against dramu of this sort resort to descending to its level, a grand example is the OTT sweet vs. classic showdown in which I seriously don't know which side gets more pathetic the longer the war ranges on. Except that lucky us, it didn't really last for more than a couple of weeks because that's how quickly people find a new topic. I would understand basic trolling because internets will always be internets, but the real drama brewers tend to be the insecure type who, if caught in the act, flounce out in a showy manner, leaving everyone else feel like they were just contaminated by embarrassing behaviour and had half of their IQ removed.

2. That obsessive type of competing. This is related to part one, but tends to be more of the desperate attention whorish kind. Someone feels threatened by someone who they perceive as better than they are and instead of trying to improve themselves in the manner of healthy competition they try to bash the better loli. This approach always fails. Even if that better loli would disappear you still wouldn't be her level.
And then there's those edge-yy types who want to share their lolita sexcapades or exhibit some "honest not gonna lie gonna tell you this as it is"-attitude... let's not even go there or I swear, I'll come up with a drinking game just so I would get at least something out of the headache I'm going to get now anyway.

3. That it takes such a long time to wear. No really guys! I want lolita to be one of those styles that you create when your alarm rings and then you suddenly realize you turned it off and overslept and five minutes to bus now and NNNNGGGH.

Well, actually there is a part of all that primping that I love despite all, namely that the end result feels awesome. But it's just so much work... what does a girl have to do to get those five personal maids?

4. The stupid rules we made while we were, er, young. :D I was thinking about this when I wrote the first two. I've been into lolita long enough to be considered as one of those "honourable grannies elders", and my memory's not gone enough to hide the fact that it was us who created the lolita code that is being held up today. For example, the silly age rules. The Western lolitas didn't used to have them - we made them ourselves based on the Japanese example that, if you excuse me for saying this, do not really translate to a Western society. I still clearly remember writing somewhere that I would probably stop dressing up as lolita before my 30's or at least move to aristo because that's just somehow the right thing to do. Now at 32 I read age bashing and all I can think of is: "whoo boy, could be I really asked for it couldn't it?"

5. Actually that was all.


  1. I love the pictures you've used to illustrate this!

    I'm in great agreement with you about the 'edge-yy types' you mentioned in number two. It makes me yawn just thinking about those conversations! We've already proved how odd we are to normal society by dressing up as dolls or Victorian ladies- must we further prove ourselves to each other?

    Oh yes, I could do with five maids myself. Especially when it comes to blouses that button up the back, and my long-sleeved onepiece that has a zip in the side of all places ^^;;

  2. Niin samaa mieltä niin pitämisiesi, kuin epäpitämisiesi kanssa. <3

  3. Sapphira: haha, thank you! I collect those reaction pics etc. for a reason! XD

    I hate all side zippers. I always get my shirt caught in them and especially with long sleeve OPs it does take an interesting (and probably highly amusing, if you're someone else but me) dance to zip it up.

    Elfie: mainiota, demokratian mukaan näyttäisimme siis olevamme mielipiteinemme oikeassa!