Monday, 15 August 2011

4: Five different kinds of food I like.

1. Okonomiyaki. It's the perfect leftover food! Or just perfect food as it is, very cheap to make and healthy too! There are as many recipes for this as there are okonomiyaki makers, but my own personal favourite consists of a pancake dough base (without sugar, mind), thinly sliced cabbage and grated carrots. I always start from here, and just add other ingredients depending on what I happen to have at the moment. OM NOM.

2. Sushi. All sushi, in fact. I've never tried one that I didn't like, although sometimes the local conveyor belt place does get a bit too creative and chili-happy with their stuff... OMG dream meal!

3. Gingerbread. Especially gingerbread houses. I love to make mine really detailed and full of candy etc. and hush up it's food if I say so! Photos are taken by Illves but that gingerbread house was indeed made by me. I gave it to my cousins who apparently appreciated it like only young children can. :D

4. Marzipan. It's such a nostalgic treat! I remember once eating a marzipan rose and that it was disgusting, but apparently it had dried up and in general not been made out of marzipan at all, says my mum. To prove my "ew ew ew marzipan ew!" wrong she then bought me a small marzipan piglet as a part of my birthday present and it was so cute. You guys, it was so unbelievably cute. I had to love marzipan, I knew it the moment I looked at it, and so I did - and to this day I still do.

5. My personal favourite: dry white wine + bread + cheese. This is called "a student meal" in the house of Kaino. It's what I tended to eat a lot while I studied in Bham because cheese and wine were so much cheaper in the UK than in Finland and they sold wine in grocery stores which made buying it dangerously easy! Still, om nom. The mere thought of it reminds me of the better days of my exchange year.


  1. Okonomiyaki <3. Now I just have to do some one day here... It's delicious! And sushi too. Oh yum~

  2. OM. NOM.
    You'd also need okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and a certain type of funny fish flakes. Well, I tend to add and leave off stuff as I go, all depending on what I happen to have in my cupboard. But definitely the okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise!