Tuesday, 16 August 2011

5: Five items from my wishlist.

1. Pupper Circus OP in white, alas the only pic I had of it was black. Well, I wouldn't mind the black one either. Or any of those colours really. Btw is this allowed to be here even though it's almost 100% certain I'd never even fit it? 
HOWEVER this one may see some process in the near future. Not that I would have any chance at the OP though.

2. Lotta. In this colourway and no other. WANT.

3. You know guys, I don't remember this one's name. I tried looking at MM's page and the only thing I got was "Petite Rose" and "Tropez Jenne" and neither really make sense to me. But yes, I burn for it.

4. Fairy Chiffon OP to me please. In any colour except not in pink. Every single time someone's been selling it I've been just a moment too slow to act. It kills my soul, it does.

5. A pair of Prom Princess. In any colour. This one's also one of those things that I saw a moment too late and they had already sold out at the Irregular Choice site. They're impossible to find and in those rare cases when someone's sold theirs they are nearly always asking for a high price for shoes that are in less than satisfactory condition. Much as I love them, I'm not stupid enough to buy crap.

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