Friday, 14 October 2011

One Lovely Blog Award.

I got this from Asio Otus, and the game goes thusly:

1. Tell who gave you the award and link this back to his/her blog.
2. Write seven random facts about yourself.
3. Give this award to fifteen bloggers/blogs you like.

1. I'm a true Hufflepuff through and through, and have always been sorted there. I might have thought it a shame, except for the fact that the first HP book I ever read was The Goblet of Fire in which Cedric Diggory was about the awesomest literary character I have ever come across. I tend to work stubbornly toward some kind of perfection and failing it I'll try again, case in point my pole fitness hobby. Last year I just kept doing the beginners' class over and over again because quite frankly I have zero natural talent (or grace) when it comes to pole dancing, and it would not have made any sense to move to the experienced groups when I couldn't even do a crucifix. It proved to be a good choice and helped me get the basics so that now learning new stuff has become massively easier.

I still fail on occasion and have awesome bruises to prove it, but that's what being a Hufflepuff is all about: working hard until a goal is reached and after that bettering myself in it.
Oh, and I'm still waiting for my owl.

2. My favourite season is the spring but there is one part about autumn that I really, really love. It's the early days when mornings are fresh and cold, the grass has frozen patches and small puddles ice over. It's when the ravens return and the trees change colour for a few fleeting days until the wind tears them bare. After that I don't care much about autumn and would rather spend it indoors with a cup of hot mint chocolate, a warm blanket and a good book.

3. I'm a very solitary person. I love my friends and like to spend time with them but I need my own time too and a lot of it. I work badly in groups and having to live in Big Brother conditions would drive me absolutely mad in less than two weeks.

4. I need to have potted plants or I don't feel attached to my home. At least one of them should be a Saint-Paulia, my favourite plant, and if at all possible I would like many of them in different colours. Whenever I move to a new place without the chance of taking my plants with me I feel out of place and as if I'm living in a hotel or a guest house, and it was a big moment for me when I could finally buy plants for our home here in Breiðholt. It's making me very proud that the Saint-Paulia has been blooming non-stop ever since it came in months ago.

5. I have a soft spot for food that I've fished or gathered myself. Blueberries are best if I picked them, a self-caught perch beats store-bought salmon anytime and so on. I'm afraid to admit this but to me most animals are food first and foremost, and I'm not against wearing fur either as long as it's not store-bought (because I'm firmly against fur farming) IOW it's vintage or self-hunted. I'm against fake fur as well for the massive harm it causes to the environment in both making and discarding it.

6. I'm a Fenno-Pagan and this is slightly challenging when I'm no longer living in Finland. :D I try to keep up with traditions and such, at least the main ones, and since they mostly involve cleaning up the house and eating and drinking royally I wonder if anyone even notices it as having a religious origin.

My biggest related problem, living in a other country, has been that reading the weather became impossible. I hadn't noticed how much I was taking it for granted but over here I'm absolutely helpless in predicting what the day will be like. I can walk outside in the morning and think the day will be cold but sunny, but what I get is an effing hurricane followed by a snowstorm followed by a heatwave. It feels like I suddenly forgot how to read road signs - I think I know what's going to happen but end up getting a nasty surprise instead. 

7. I tend to always update my blog when I should be doing school work. All the best ideas arrive when I should be using the full force of my brain on cases and genders, what can I doooooo~

FIFTEEN? No way. However, I'd like to give this award to 


  1. Thanks for the award! I must do this into the next update!

    Ooh, the 6th was interesting. Maybe you should tell us more about it~
    And I think I remember spotting you mentioning tarot cards somewhere in this blog, I'd love to read about them by you. (Tarot <3)

  2. Yayness! :D And heh, I don't often talk about religion but I might be able to come up with at least something... we'll see. Problem is that I don't really know which aspect of it I should write about.