Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Hendersons will dance and sing as Miss K flies through the ring, don't be late!

I'm interrupting all that reporting from the Jökulsárlón trip for a moment and returning to normal lolita normalcy because I figure most of you are here for that anyway. :D However, unlike my usual posts this one has very little to do with me.

Instead, it has all to do with Miss K and the epicness that was her bday!

The bday girl herself, full outfit shot.

I have to hand it to Snu that he takes much better photos than I do. He does, you know.
I didn't know which of these photos is better so I posted both, see if you can stop me.

K is, as I may have mentioned, one of the awesomest models I've ever had the honour to work with. To those that are interested, here's a photoshoot of some loli wear I made that she partook in. So I had every right to expect a photoshoot as usual but then...

...she saw the dog.

And caught it!

The story had a happy ending. :3

What follows is absolute food pr0n. It's all baked by K herself! :O~
All photos can be clicked larger as per usual.

Then for some very lolita pressies: the cutest tea pot ever (or at least almost as cute as the one K and G gave me for Bobmas).


And a burdie to end this entry. I had many more detail photos but alas, the light and my photography skills (or lacking thereof) combined means that they're all blurred to Mars and back. :( Next time I'll just hand the cam to Snu and let him have it.


  1. Yayyy! Thanks for putting this up! Loving the doggie series XD

    1. My pleasure! Thank you for throwing such a foodsome delicious partay! :D

  2. Is tha doggie real? Tha doggie is real? Tha doggie looks like a toy doggy. Errr... I mean, it looks very huggable. That's a word.

    Cool pics, omnomns and that tea pot~

    1. That doggie is real! :D And so cute! In real life it's just as much of a toy as it looks like here. It doesn't bark, it's a bit shy but loves being scratched in the belly and doesn't oppose to hugging either.

      Indeed that tea pot! :O~