Thursday, 8 March 2012

To Jökulsárlón and back pt3.

Next stop was at Skógafoss. Behind this mountain is Mýrdalsjökull.

It's often mentioned that this waterfall has an almost permanent rainbow about it, as long as the sun is shining. I found this to be very true!

Birds were nesting on the cliffs and flying through the rainbow. Godofpoop wanted to be one of them and I can't blame her.

Another view, another rainbow. This is from very near the top of the mountain. There's a staircase (actually two, but the old one's in seriously iffy condition and I would not recommend trying it) going up the side of the mountain.

This is at the top. It was very slippery there and the wind was rather too strong to my liking. There's also no fence that would stop you from falling down because let's face it, Icelanders don't bother with fences. If someone's stupid enough to get themselves killed it's bound to happen anyway, I guess.

That blueish cloud that's rising from Mýrdalsjökull is a snow storm btw. It fell on me about five min after taking this photo.

It's quite a long walk. I can thank my poledancing hobby for being fit enough to climb all the way up.

Snowstorm above the glacier.

Nearing Vík we had driven our way out of the snowstorm. Little did we know that upon returning it would be lying here in wait and would make the whole drive back hazardous.

The coast of Vík is famous for its black sand and rock formations. Some day and with better time I want to go have a long walk there. I also want to see the stone arc that I missed this time.

Church of Vík. The last time I saw it the visibility was quite a bit worse. The angle the photo is taken is about 90° different but the distance is about the same.

Skógafoss panorama! According to the legend there's a hidden treasure somewhere about this waterfall, either in the pool or the cave behind it.

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