Sunday, 23 September 2012

Early autumn colours.

A collection of photos from the past few weeks. Iceland's been quite beautiful and although this is by no means unusual we're likely living the last few bright and sunny (and COLD OMG) days before the autumn really falls on us. After that it'll be rain, rain, rain and lots of tea with perhaps a touch of rum in it, heavy woolen sweaters, waking up in the mornings feeling like a bucket of gravel because the bed seems like a better option to getting out of it, hot soups and the sound of ravens getting up to something no good at someone's trash can.

Before that all happens I'll just try to capture everything pretty. Like the newest addition to my tea cup collection, pale blue and with a relief decoration of a grapevine. Very passing for the season. Also exactly the right size for a cuppa. Stamp says:

Made in England

We had a huge storm some time ago and unlucky as I am our plane had to land in it! The turbulence was so bad even the stewardesses sat down. Down in Iceland the storm tore asphalt off the roads and threw rocks into cars and buildings. However... also gave Esjan a light sprinkle of snow, the first of this year. She was quite breathtaking in the sunlight the next day.

Of course up north they got a bit more than just a light sprinkle - thousands of sheep were buried in the snow up in the mountains. They managed to rescue many but alas, many of the sheep also died.

I love rowan trees. They remind me of home and they turn so pretty when their leaves change colour. I was surprised at how many of them turn yellow instead of red like they would back home.

This ornamental rowan tree's my favourite! White berries!

And one more photo because I can.


(Answer: no, it's our lamp reflecting from the glass but for a moment I was totally fooled by it and took a photo. I'm not one of the sharpest ones oh hi.)