Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kimono Sunday.

Here's the other obi that I bought. I was afraid the silver would be totally shiny but instead of being totally shiny it was totally shiny in a good way. I'm afraid I don't quite know how to explain this. Anyway, the coord turned out rather... dramatic. :D

I tried kaino-kuchi for the first time in my life. Could be a bit crisper about the folds but it's definitely a very elegant type of a knot and works well with a simple, geometric pattern obi.

Whoops windy Iceland is windy again...

Some detail shots of the obi.

Of course I had to throw the haori on top of the whole ensemble too. It has quickly become one of my favourite items of clothing.

Yet one more detail shot. Next time I'll try to style my hair in a bit more simple a style.

And whoa boy there will be so many next times! I'm planning to borrow some kimono from Mr bf for some playing around with. They may be made for men but they appeal to my tastes so I'm going to risk looking like a cross dresser and just go for it. :D


  1. Ooh! I'm not the only person who continually and obsessively buys kimono!

    Love the colors and love the checkered obi. If you want concrit, you perhaps could pad your waist more.

    I'm still sad we didn't have time to talk more @Tracon ;_;

    1. Too right about the padding, usually this kimono is a bit more forgiving because it's fairly thick but now I totally got a bit of a corset effect going on there complete with an overboob quite unlike my actual cup size. :D

      Oh yes that obi is made of awesomeness. Now that I've access to S's kimonos as well I've been wanting to throw together an otoko poi coord with it but idk if the checkered obi would be too garish... we'll see.

      There will be more cons. Mark my words.