Thursday, 13 September 2012

The last Tracon 7 post, I swear!

Our costumes for the last weekend were indeed Kakashi (jounin) and Kakashi (anbu) for the Saturday and young Scrooge McDuck and Goldie O'Gilt for Sunday. Credits for the first image go to Fuuka.

These four photos are all by Emilia Lahtinen.


  1. First of all: great cosplays~~

    And then.. You totally got me there! My brains must have gone "but we are in Finland" for a while when you spotted us :'D. Sorry for prolly being kinda confused conversationalist!^^

    1. Hahaaaa you did look somewhat confused when I attacked you (and your sis)! :D Considering how I looked that was probably understandable. :DDD