Sunday, 20 January 2013

Meme part 10.

Ahem. My first ever lolita dress, thoroughly handmade. :D The ita is strong within this one.

10. How I first found out about Lolita

The year was 2003 I think. It's possible that I first heard of lolitas in 2002 but I'm not exactly sure - all I remember is one afternoon with a Japanese friend when we were both studying in the UCE and I was telling her how I used to be a goth as a teenager. She replied to that: "Rorita?" and I had no idea what this rorita was.

I visited Japan for the first time in spring 2003 and naturally by then I was already massively interested in these roritas, so my friend took me to Harajuku to see and photograph some of them. We visited some shops as well and something just went click in my head. This was exactly how I had always wanted to look like, it felt. Something that was just my style, everything that I liked and more, it gave me such inspiration for everything all in one go just because it was so new. It was like a bag full of opportunities and design ideas. I loved it.

Upon returning to Finland I made my very first lolita dress - that black and white above - and ever since then there's been no returning. 

(Btw and totally unrelated, what's up with Photobucket? Every time I try to click a pic open it downloads something on my compu. Smells of malware of some kind and seriously for effing serious I'll find a new photohost and never use Photobucket ever again. D:)


  1. I could totally wear that first lolita dress of yours u__u~. I do like buckles on stuff u__u~.

    1. Now I wonder what became of that dress, I know I fattened out of it ages ago... I suppose it's still in Finland. Tell you what, if I ever find it and it fits you it's all yours!