Sunday, 20 January 2013

Meme, parts 7, 8 and 9.

I'm going to skip the questions number 5. and 6. because I cannot be bothered to go take loads of photos and besides wardrobe posts don't personally interest me very much - I'm more eager to see what people are wearing than what they could potentially be wearing. As for my favourite lolita brand, it's Mary Magdalene and the fact that it's my favourite is already old news.

7. Why I wear Lolita? 

I remember an interview I partook in years, years ago where one of the girls interviewed (LJ nick icecreambat) said in one sentence everything I had felt about wearing lolita but had not been able to put into words myself, and that sentence has stuck with me ever since. Wearing lolita is all about wanting to look feminine without having to look sexy.

You see, before I began to wear this style the only option for a feminine look included showing a lot of skin, or at the very least a lot of curve. I did not feel at home with the fashions of the day and my former ragged hippie-look was probably just a response to a) not wanting to wear the current trend (at one point this current trend was wearing a G-string with low cut trousers so that you could see the panties all the way to your bum crack!) and b) being a goldsmith student: this means that whatever I wore it would sooner or later be torn, burned, acid burned or otherwise stained beyond belief so anything and everything nice was banned from my "wardrobe".

Lolita vs. Icelandic weather, 0-6.

8.  Why don't I wear Lolita more often? 

Because it takes hell of a lot of time to put together! My hair, like mentioned in the previous entry, takes a long time to style and I don't like to wear wigs. Make-up, even though you cannot even tell I'm wearing any, can also take an hour to put on. Selecting the clothes and accessorizing can be a serious hurdle on a bad day. All in all I take minimum one full hour and typically two before I'm ready - and then I take one step outside the house and the Icelandic weather tears my hair out of its do and throws a rain cloud on my face.

Lolita, for me, is a luxurious style worn just for the hell of it, to enjoy wearing something unusual and lovely.

9.  5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

Hmmmm. 1. Classic, 2. Toned-down, 3. Self-made, 4. Lol Ita, 5. Wind-blown.


  1. I like second picture so much, the scene is so romantic... :) i have never been in such deserted place as i remember.

    1. I love that area myself. It's Hvalfjörður and the funny thing is that it's a really short drive away from Reykjavík! Well, this is Iceland after all - most of the country is more or less deserted.

      Here's a secret though: right below the hill I'm standing upon is a farm and there's some large buildings on the other side of the fjörd, but the cameraman has cleverly left them all out of the photos. :D