Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Conchita Wurst cosplay.

...and everything that went into it. It may look like I just slapped some make-up on and wore a pretty dress but there's way more that had to happen.

Let's start out by illustrating a problem: my natural hair, my natural face and especially mah curves. I'm not a bombshell but there's some titty action going on on top and lotsa junk in dat trunk, plus I've got that thigh shape where they flare out below the hips. Yeah time to start jogging - anyway -

Conchita, on the other hand, is extremely slender with seriously long legs, another thing I'm lacking (in Finnish my bodytype would be called a "persjalka", an "assfoot"). Let's not even get to hair and make-up ok.

Sort of closet cosplay-ish outfit but it'll do. :D The make-up part is obvious, I had to not only learn to draw on a beard but fabulous eyes as well. Thankfully there are suddenly many good tutorials available for this for some reason, plus Conchita herself has made a make-up tutorial on how she does them eyes. Alas the only thing that can be done about short legs are heels as high as are available, but hey those heels are fab and I'm in no way against wearing them for whatever reason. 

Also present: the rat that I rescued a while ago. Conchita's got a mane of hair.

I feel so damn pretty!

Anyways, what else did I need to do? Well, almost full body binding. Tits had to be flattened quite a bit but that was not all, the belly, the hips and the butt had to be momentarily tamed as well. I breathed very little in this cosplay and if I ever try being Conchita Wurst for a convention I'll - well yeah, I've mentioned jogging before (could also cut down on pizza). I can do this binding-trick for photos but for hours of walking around in a sweaty con, no thanks. :Þ 

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