Friday, 28 March 2014

Historical Inspired Coordinates

Time for the Lolita Blog Carnival again! Today's theme is Historical Inspired Coords and as you can maybe guess it's a theme that's very close to my heart. I decided to go for Biedermeier, an era that's perhaps not one of the most elegant but definitely ranks high in the amount of poof, frills, lace, showy bonnets and even showier plaited hairstyles!

First of all, some more precise examples of the style I'm going for:


Here's my take on it, lolified.

Front (btw those suspicious looking things on the wall were used on Icelandic horses, not humans :D) -


and back. I love this hoodie, can't believe it's been such a long time since I last wore it!

And of course I had to go outside as well. Yes, we have fresh snow as opposed to yesterday when it mostly rained, or the day before that was sunny.

Overdress: selfmade
Underdress: R-series
Bonnet: Mrs Parker's Millinery & Mercantile
Shirt + shoes + gloves: vintage
All else: offbrand

Haha, this actually reminds me of that time when I did a loli coordinate based on the fashions of 1900-2000. :D Here they are:

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  1. Omg, I just went through all your historical lolita coordinates and I am laughing so hard at 2000! Brilliant!!

    But ahhh, I love this coordinate. I really like the different patterns and textures together.

    1. The 2000's is my roots in lolita! :D

      Thank you, I had (again) a lot of fun trying to match my wardrobe with an era. :)